mardi 6 juillet 2010

SAGEM Mobile Service Code

SAGEM Mobile Service Code
This are the segem mobile service code to help mobile repairing. Keep in mind this are not sagem unlock codes. Sagem phones unlocking codes are different from service code.

Segem Secret Codes
*# Commands
to check IMEI number *#06#
Corresp. ID incoming displayed - *#30# followed by send
Your ID. outgoing displayed - *#31# followed by send
Call barr inactive - *#33# followed by send
Call barr inactive - *#35# followed by send
Call Waiting - *#43# followed by send
Your mobile number - *#100# followed by send
DHLRU1 ?meaning? - *#101# followed by send
Transmitter information *#102# followed by send
Current date and time *#103# followed by send
Last caller's number - *#147# followed by send
Call credit and service time left -*#1345# followed by send

Hidden menu sagem phone
Engage one of the menus with the scroller then press *
Application menu: option 1 Version, option 1 Battery
Prom menu: option 1 IMEI number
sagem Sim lock: option 1 Sim lock - press okay for 30 second countdown, C button to cancel (caution with this I don't know what happens when the counter reaches 0!!, it may lock up your telephone's SIM card.

Network: option 1 Option not available
Test LCD: option 1 Symbol 1 Tests screen, option 2 Symbol 2 Tests screen, option 3 Black Tests screen, option 4 For photo Tests screen, option 5 Tests the vibrator

Type MENU - 5 - 1 - 1 - # to enter Engineering menu on SAGEM (RC-712, 721, 815 and 815 plus) mobile phones.

Hope this sagem code help you. Diffrent sagem model may have diffrent code like diffrent unlocking codes. some code may not working with sagem.

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