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How to unlock the 3G iPhone

Great news, it is now possible to unlock your 3G iphone without the need for an "Unlock SIM". The solution has been released from the iPhone dev team and its FREE. Their unlock Software is called YellowSn0w (YellowSnow) and it supports all software versions up to and including 2.2. You can read their blog HERE
Read a great tutorial on how to unlock your 3G iphone for FREE at iClarified here
I have tested this personally on my own O2 UK 3G iPhone and it works great!

Note: The latest software version for the 3G iPhone is 2.2.1. It is not currently supported by YellowSn0w. But rumors have it that a new version of yellowSn0w is about to be released (version 0.98) which will work with 2.2.1. Keep an eye on the dev team blog for updates.
If you are already running version 2.2.1 and want to unlock it, then for now you will have to wait for YellowSn0w 0.98 to be released. Some "Unlock SIM's" do claim to work with 2.2.1 but i have heard mixed reports on their reliability (read tutorial below for more information on unlock SIM's).
UPDATE: There is no news from the iPhone Dev team yet about unlocking version 2.2.1. So unlock SIM's are currently the only solution for this version. Please read my tutorial below for more details. Hopefully they will crack it soon....
If you have any questions about iPhone unlocking please post them in my new support forum here.

I have left my older tutorial below as it may become useful again when Apple release newer software versions that might require the use of "unlock SIM's" again.

Updated 27th November 2008 - (For Archive Purposes only)
So you want to know how to unlock Apples's 3G iPhone? Well I will do my best to show you how.

Basic Facts about unlocking the 2G & 3G iphone

This tutorial is aimed specifically at the 3G version of the iPhone. if you have a standard 2G iphone it can be easily unlocked using the USB cable provided with your iphone. Have a read of the guide in the link below: unlock 2G iphone Guide (does not work for 3G iphone)
If you know of a better guide to unlock the 2G iphone, contact me. I will post a link to it here.

iPhone Unlock SIM's

Unlock SIM
Sadly the unlock solution for the 3G iphone is not so neat. As of November 2008 there is no software based solution to unlock your 3G iphone. But don't worry, some clever people have discovered an alternative method. It is through the use of what is commonly referred to as "Unlock SIM's" or "piggyback SIM's". Have a look at the picture to the right to see what they look like (there are different variations but they all look pretty much the same).
Now these unlock SIM's are very thin and you simply need to place them on top of the the actual SIM card you would like to use in your iphone. Finally place them into you SIM holder and then into the iPhone. Its probably easier to see this in action. I found this great American video on You Tube that shows you exactly how it works.

Looks quite straight forward doesn't it? I have personally tested a few different types of these Unlock SIM's and the quality varies greatly. Some are very poor and simply do not work, others are great and work perfectly.

The technology and software on these unlock SIM's is continually being worked on and improved so it is important that you are buying the latest versions of these SIM's.

Do I need to cut my SIM card?

No you don't. The older designs did require you cut into your SIM card. The newer designs have moved the small IC chip to the other side. This means they will now fit into your iPhone without any cutting of your actual SIM.

Will they work with all iPhone software versions?

Until recently the answer to this was yes. But Apple have just released an update (Nov 2008) which has stopped most of the unlock SIM's from working. This latest software release for the 3G iPhone is Version 2.2. When you connect your iPhone to iTunes you will be prompted to upgrade if an update is available. So it wont be long until most 3G iPhone's out there are running this new 2.2 version. Software versions older than 2.2 are no problem for most of the reputable Unlock SIM's out there. But if you have version 2.2 you must be very careful when buying an unlock SIM.

How do you check your iPhone software version?

Easy simply select "settings -> General -> About" from the main menu. you will see the version number in the list. Or you can simply dial *3001#12345#* and then press the call button.

Good News - V 2.2 can be unlocked with the latest SIM's

A friend of mine was using an unlock SIM in his iPhone happily for the last few months. Until he updated his 3G iPhone software to V2.2 using iTunes. As soon as the update was complete his iPhone displayed "No Service" instead of the signal strength. This is because Apple have improved the base band security features in this new release. No damage has been done to the iphone, it will still work with the correct SIM, but not with the "unlock SIM".
Thankfully the various makers of the unlock SIM's have been busy working on a solution. The good news is that the very latest versions of these SIM's will work with version 2.2!

So where can I buy these latest SIM's from?

I am currently compiling a list of links to good sites that sell these. check back soon or contact me.
The first company to officially support the new 2.2 version is "Any Network". Click the link below to visit their site. They have a good reputation but are very expensive!
Any Network - iPhone 3g unlocking
Other Unlock SIM manufacturers to look out for include: YesSim, Any Network, Rebel SIM, Universal SIM, Tornado SIM, Turbo SIM and X-SIM. These unlock SIM's are also available for other handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony etc. So make sure you buy the iPhone version!

Be careful Unlock SIM's can get stuck in your iPhone!

During my own testing of these SIM's i did manage to get a couple jammed in the 3G iPhone. The newer versions are less prone to jamming but it can still happen. If you are unfortunate enough to get your unlock SIM stuck then you have a few options. If your feeling brave and are technically minded then you can open up your iphone (the 3G version is actually very easy - much easier than the 2G version). Have a look on You Tube for videos on how to do this. Option two is to use brute force. This method usually results in a broken SIM tray (you can buy replacements from ebay. Normally the SIM release mechanism will also break but you can still remove the SIM tray using a pin. My advice is prevention is better than cure. Some newer unlock SIM's come with special SIM trays to accommodate both your SIM and the unlock SIM. Other preventative methods include sticking the unlock SIM to your actual SIM with either special glue or tape. I will write a tutorial on how to open your 3G iphone at a later date.

What About Jail Breaking / Jailbreak?

This is completely different to unlocking and is out of the scope of this tutorial. I will write a separate guide at a later date. In the mean time, I can confirm that you can jailbreak all software versions of the iPhone (both 2G and 3G). Visit to see many tutorials on how to do this,
I will do my best to keep this section up to date - Many thanks for reading - Dan
Finally if you are a web master please do not steal my content without permission. If you do take it without permission please at the very least link back to my site.

How to remove Nokia security code using free software/tools

Follow steps below:

1. Download JAF Setup 198.62 here then install

2. Disable your anti virus or allow JAF Emulator to be downloaded and execute.

3. Download JAF Emulator here then extract.

4. Run JAF FULL PKEY EMULATOR BY STBSL GSmMAster - version 12.exe

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 781x662.

5. Go to step 3 and press open

6. Now you are ready to work

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 967x644.

7. Power up your phone using modified external power

8. After you got test mode on your phone attach USB Cable

9. Now you can do read info, read security or flashing your phone to latest firmware.


Reset your Nokia Security Code

So you don't know or you have forgotten your Nokia Security code? Don't worry the solution lies in this very page! No data cable needed with this new solution. All you need is a Master Code!
Forgetting your security code can be frustrating. For example You need this code when you want to reset your phone settings.

So What is a Master Code I Hear you Ask?

Well, lets assume you have forgotten your security code. The master code is a 10 digit number that will always be accepted as if it were your actual security code.
You can use the master code to change your security code back to what ever you like. When your Nokia handset asks you for the security code simply enter the master code.

How do you Generate the Master Code?

The master code is specific to your handset and is generated using the handset 15 digit IMEI number (serial number). The IMEI number can usually be found on the sticker underneath the battery or by typing *#06# into the phone keypad.

Simply enter your 15 digit serial / IMEI number into my online tool (see link below). Your master code will then be calculated instantly.

Which Nokia Models will this work for?

The calculated master code will only work for DCT3 and DCT4 Nokia phones. It will not work with the newer BB5 handsets. See below for a rough guide or look at my Nokia generation list to check if your model is supported. The feedback I have received is that's IT WILL NOT WORK FOR THE 6230i model (the 6230 is fine).
Compatible phone models
Incompatible models
  • BB5 5500 Sport, 6131, 6125, 7380, 7360, 7370, E70, E61, E60, 3250, 6280, 6681, 6680, 6630, 6233, 6151, E50, 7390, 7373, 5200, 5300, 6136, 6288, N70, N71, N72, N73, N80, N91, N93, N70 Music Edition, N95, N91 8GB, 6300, 6086, N76, N93i, N73 Music Edition, E90, 3110 classic, 6110 Navigator, E65, E61i, N80 Internet Edition, 5700, 5070, 6120 Classic, 1650, 2630, 1200, 1208, 2760, 3109 Classic, 6500 slide, 3500 classic, 6267, 6121 classic, N81 8GB, N81, N95 8GB, 7900 Prism, 7500 Prism, 6555, 5610, 5310, E51, 6301, N810, N82, 3110 Evolve, 8800 Arte, 8800 Sapphire Arte, 3120 classic, 2600 classic, N78, N96, 7900 Crystal Prism etc.
  • ASIC 11 2760, 2626, 2660, 2630, 2610, 2610b, 1112b, 1112, 1110i, 1200, 1200b, 1208, 2310, 8800 Sirocco
I plan to write a security code tutorial for BB5 handsets shortly (sadly the solution for these handsets is not as simple)
Please Note:

The default security code for ALL Nokia handsets is 12345

This is sometimes called the phone lock code.

Reset your Nokia Security Code

set DCT4 Security Code

It is not possible to READ the security code from DCT4 handsets, BUT it is possible to reset the security code back to the default setting of 12345. There are a variety of programs that claim to be able to reset the security code of DCT4 handsets. Most of these DO NOT work on the later software versions.

The best way to reset your security code is to do a full factory reset using some software called FBus by Maestro. This has never failed to reset the security code of any DCT4 phone I have tried! I have not managed to get it to work on XP but it works great on windows 98. BUT BE WARNED THE PHONES ENTIRE PHONE MEMORY WILL BE ERASED INCLUDING ANY PHONE BOOK ENTRIES THAT ARE SAVED WITHIN THE PHONE MEMORY!
FBus by Maestro works only with M/F bus cables (not pure Mbus), Download FBus by Maestro HERE Unzip the software and run it. Switch on the phone and connect it to a M/F bus cable and just press the button "Full Factory Reset".
Unzip the software and run it. Switch on the phone and connect it to a M/F bus cable and just press the button "Full Factory Reset".

And that's it, the phone will be back to factory settings and the security code back to 12345!
You may need to download an additional file to get Mbus by Maestro to run - MSComm32.OCX - This file can be found in the downloads section. (place it in your windows/system directory)

Remember when using Fbus by Maestro DO NOT touch the Vibra control option. It can kill your vibration functionality!! Also if using the above method on a 7650 or 3650 do not remove cable/battery whilst the symbian OS is booting up or down.

Read/Reset DCT3 Security Code

1st method

Download Nokia Tool by Rollis 1.8 and connect your phone to your data cable. (this software works with both mbus and f/m bus cables). Read the phone info and your security code should be displayed (in the 4th text box from the top)

2nd method

If you have the program logomanager then this can also be used to read the security code. (if you don't have this program get it NOW, its the essential tool for backing up your phone book details). You can download a demo version of logomanager from . The advantage of logomanager is that it offers Infra Red connection (as well as cable). So you can actually read the security code through IR.

What If The Above Methods Fail????

From time to time both Nokia Tool and Logomanager will fail to read the security code. In particular on 6210's and 7110's. You will see ???????? in the security code field. If this is the case then you should attempt to RESET the security code to 12345 instead of reading it. The author of logomanager created a separate program called NK Profile (you can download this from my downloads section). This program lets you tweak many settings on your phone but it also has an option for restoring the phones default settings. NK Profile will only run if you have logomanager installed on your computer! Also NK Profile will connect to your handset in the same way you have configured logomanager to connect, i.e. either through cable or IR.
Connect your phone to your cable (or IR) and run NK Profile. You will see the screen to the right. Then press the button shown below.

This will reset your security code 99% of the time. (you may have to try more than once) Do not mess with the other features unless you know what you are doing!
The Odd Awkward 7110 or 6210!!

Ok very rarely you may come across a 7110 or a 6210 where all the above methods fail. The reason for this is that Nokia introduced an additional security feature in these models. If the security code has been entered incorrectly many times then it can't be read or reset at all! The only way around this is to either full flash the handset (including eprom area) or flash a small file called an eprom cleaner to the eprom area of the handset! More on this when I get time. :-)))



THIS WILL WORK FOR ALL THE NOKIA BB5 HANDSETS like NOKIA 6120c, NOKIA 5700, NOKIA 6300, NOKIA 6630, and many otherzzz..

download Nemesis Service Suite (NSS103812.exe) from the site mentioned below
12.27 MB 2007-08-26 NSS103812.exe



Nemesis Service Suite

downloaded from the above site

SELECT USB VIRTUAL DRIVE during installation (in case of nokia 6120c)(for nokia 5700 use diamond protection)





NOW CLiK ON PERMANENT MEMORY TAB given on right bottom of application





D:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm\356252*********.pm

open that PM file in NOTEPAD

now scroll uptil FIELD [308] and on the 5th RECORD ur security code is saved

like that

5=31313131310000000000 remove all the "3" digits and it will be like that

5= 11111 0000000000 now its 11111 thats it.
IT WORKED FOR ME ON MY NOKIA 6120c .. i thought to share this with you guyz... if u find it useful then do reply me thnx

Nokia BB5 Unlock

Disclaimer unlock nokia 6680
I did not write any of this information, it is summarized from various sources. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to you, your phone, or your computer. Credit for most of this work belongs to Dejan Kaljevic and the various posters on

Read this entire page before trying to do anything. If you do not agree with these terms, just leave, I'm trying to do people a favour.

What is BB5? unlock nokia 6680
BB5 is a software platform used by Nokia in its newer phones.

Which phones are BB5? unlock nokia 6680
Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500
Nokia 6125
Nokia 6126
Nokia 6131
Nokia 6136
Nokia 6233
Nokia 6234
Nokia 6270
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7370
Nokia N70
Nokia N71
Nokia N72
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N90
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia E50
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia E62
Nokia E70

How do I unlock them?
If your phone is older BB5, then Dejan Kaljevic, a renowned GSM expert, has released software solution. His solution works for the following phones:
Nokia 6630 RAP3G v2.10E PA
Nokia 6680 RAP3G v2.0E PA
Nokia 6681 RAP3G v2.0E PA
Nokia E60 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia E65 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia E70 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia N70 RAP3G v2.20 PA
Nokia N71 RAP3G v2.20 PA
Nokia N90 RAP3G v2.11 PA
Nokia N91 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia N93 RAP3GS v2.0E PA

I have one of those phones. How do I unlock it?
You need
Phone (SIM card removed!)
CA43 or DKU5 cable (Original Nokia with 13 pins)
Software (

Connect cable to computer and phone
Set proper COM cable (must be, between 1 and 9)
Download unlocker, run `install.bat`
Open file c:/bb5_unlocker/logs/bb5_unlocker.cfg with a text editor set proper COM port (1-9)
Run c:/bb5 unlocker/BB5logunlocker.exe
Turn phone on. While it is turning on, click READ PHONE. You should see "DONE"
Click MAKE LOG, a log will be created. This log is used to generate the codes. Wait until you see "DONE".
Log file is in folder LOGS. Start BB5_calc.exe to make the PSW file.
Press button SP UNLOCK and unlock your phone.

It didn't work!
Solution courtesy to_deal_with on
- Phone off,
- Connect the cable to phone anc pc (dku5, jaf, serial)
- Open the program
- Power on the phone
- When you see Nokia on the screen, immediately press on Read phone!
Afterwards use BB5 Calc and then SP Unlock

This method has always been a success.
If I power on the phone first and let it start up completely, by inserting the cable phone says enhancement not supported and making log fails.

In this case, reconnect the cable and Press Write backup.
If writing backup succeeded, Just follow the method I wrote above. Tested on many N70.

In Dejan's words:
Be sure that my BB5 logger is installed properly with apropriate FBUS interface (DKU-5) or old clasic FBUS cable connected to standard COM port.

Start loger.
Once connected phone by FBUS interface to PC, press "Read Phone" button. If everything is ok, some data will be readed and displayed, otherwise check your connection, phone, cables, etc.

If logger shows message "SP Data IS corrupted" than you have phone that somebody played with it and destroyed field 308,1. So, you have to fix that field by sending that phone to official NOKIA repair centre!!!

If everything is OK you can press "Make Log" button. LOGER will create backup of field 308,1 and try to make LOG file. In that process, sometimes field 308,1 can be corrupted which can be checked by clicking again on "Read Phone" button.

NOW, if logger shows message "SP Data IS corrupted" than you just have to click several times "WR Backup" and "Read Phone" to check that is your phone is OK.

My phone is hardlocked. What can I do?
If you have already used all 3 attempts to unlock via keypad, but you have unlock codes from your carrier, you can use the program to input the codes.

In "c:\bb5_unlocker\psw" create a text file "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_BB5.psw" where is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" enter your phones IMEI
Then in that created file enter in "#pw+bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb+c#" where is "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" is the unlock codes and where is "c" enter your logs level number (1-7).
Save the file
Use "SP UNLOCK" function

My phone is a BB5 phone, but not on the list of phones that can be unlocked with Dejan's software. What can I do?
If your phone is locked to Vodafone UK you can try this:

Or you will have to wait until the solution is released for free.

Free Unlock Sony Ericsson db2020 Phones

This is about unlocking your db2020 phone

DB2020 phones are k530 k550 k610 k770 k790 k800 k810 and w580 w610 w660 w710 w830 w850 w880 etc. You can find out if your phone is db2020 or not form the secret service menu.

To enter the secret service menu use this sequence of key strokes at phone standby screen -> * <- <- * <- *

Where -> is right arrow on keypad and <- is left arrow on keypad and * is the button below 7 and left of 0.

Then in Enter Service Info and then Software Info and then look out for EROM. If you see db2020 in the EROM name. Then your phone is a DB2020 phone and you can unlock it with this tutorial.

We will unlock the phone using a patch. The unlock patch will unlock your phone.

Simox has released a unlock patch generator which will generate one for your phone. Download Simox Unlock patch generator. Or download it from our mirror.

Download your phone’s Main firmware from Topse Or Topsony Or From 4shared folder . You can check out Main firmware name and version in the service menu. You can download your phone’s Main Firmware from here.

After you download the Main Firmware for your phone, Drag and drop the main firmware on simox unlock patch generator. It will now generate a unlock for your phone.

Apply the generated unlock VKP patch using SeTool 2 lite !! Bingo ! your phone is now unlocked !

Please follow This tutorial to learn how to apply patch, so that you can make use of the free unlock patch that you get from simox’s progmar ! The unlock patch is just like any other patch. You can follow the tutorial there to apply your unlock patch.

Please be kind enough to Donate SIMOX for his unlock patch generator


Akshay !